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Welcome to the Tech. Library


Basic Video Testing - Just what the name says.  One of the most useful video documents for newbie and pro.
Screen Pro II Quick Start Guide.
DoReMi V1 video server manual

Screen Pro II quick start guide - Get up to speed on the latest version of this Folsom switcher.
Frame rates explained - A document that details dealing with the various frame rates in use today.


iTunes Replay - A remote control interface for iTunes playback on Macs.
JBL Vertec line array calculator v2.07
- Utilty to predict Vertec performance.
JBL Design Manual
- Indespensible information on sound systems.
Grounding.  Product sheet for inline transformers which shows how various cabling is grounded.
BTR-800 manual - The ubiquitous RF comm.
BTR 825 manual - What's more than ubiquitous?
Telex headset parts and wiring. This has the wiring for mono and stereo headsets.
TV channel frequncies - Excel spreadsheet with analog TV channels converted to frequncy in MHz.
Formulas for audio - This is a classic document from Altec with all the math you would ever want to know about audio, and more.  Don't fear the math, when you need these formulas, you'll be glad you have them.


Bowline - Animation of the most basic knot used in rigging.
Taught Line Hitch
- Graphic representation of how to tie one of the most useful knots in production.


Search Engine Submission - AddMe