Network Audio Module Failed Error with CL Consoles

The dread error which strikes fear in hearts of A1s.  After discussing with Audinate, it appears the problem is related to how Yamaha handles virtual devices.  The solution is to NOT mount DVS or Via and do all patching in Controller.  I have changed my workflow thus and not seen this error since.

Known issue with ClearCom FreeSpeak CCM

If you use ClearCom FreeSpeak wireless intercom systems, you might have noticed something odd in the overview page.

According to ClearCom, when using link-local addressing (meaning 169.254.X.X network IP addresses), the telemetry from antennae and beltpacks is not updated correctly.

The current fix is to use a fixed IP NOT in the link local address space.

ClearCom says they are working on a fix for this issue.

Eat Your Fibre

You know your mama told you to eat your fiber (for a total digression on grains and nutrition you can check this out  When dealing with fibre optic cable there are a lot of little details which can make or break your day.  Here’s a few things to think about.

– You can’t mix your modes.  Single mode and multi mode fibre are completely different beasts which do not connect directly.  If you need to bridge single mode and multi mode you can use converter boxes.

– Single mode fibre is 9 microns and essentially focuses down one ray of light.  It uses lasers in the wavelength of 1300 or 1550 nanometers.  It has a longer range of 10 km or more.
– Multi mode fibre is much larger at 50 microns, sometimes 62.5 microns.  The lasers at 850 nm and 1300 nm.  Multi mode has a shorter range in the neighborhood of 2 km.

– Know your connectors.


LC fibre connector
LC fibre connector

– LC.  This is commonly used with multi mode fibre and often found used with networking and audio/video products.

SC fibre connector
SC fibre connector

– SC.  This connector is probably the most common multi mode connector.  You will see this on many rental/staging vendors cable.

ST fibre connector
ST fibre connector

– ST.  Almost always will be single mode fibre.

The Next Generation of Spyder


When I first heard of Christie buying Vista Systems, I hoped that the combination of companies would lead to better products and more innovation. With the introduction of the Spyder X20, Christie has addressed some of the shortcomings of the Spyder system.
Combining the router with the switching and video processing is a big move. Some of the biggest frustrations with the Spyder were related to router protocols. Sometimes getting them to talk at all was a challenge.
Putting all this in one package with a 20 megapixel resolution looks like it may be a really powerful box.
It remains to be seen if the internal server is XP or Vista, and how much “Windows-ness” it retains.

Intercom dry, shaken, not stirred

Always connecting CCUs to intercom systems? Dreading the seemingly chronic problems?
Here’s one tip. Some CCUs are quite happy to take a dry com line. This means you can completely isolate that feed and really cut down on hum and noise problems. We know for sure that Hitachi CCUs do NOT require the com line to have power. We also know for sure that Sony CCUs MUST have power.

Resources in Dubai

There are some notable vendors for audio/visual equipment in Dubai.  It is a really great place, but, a little like the wild West.  Good gear and experienced technicians run out fast.  Plan ahead and talk to these people before you head to the Middle East.

PO Box 71215, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 3473788
Great vendor for gear and labor support

Post Box : 53407 Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, UAE.
+971 (4) 8850541

Delta Sound FZ-LLC
Office 96 2nd Floor DMC Building 2
Dubai Media city
PO Box 72280, Dubai UAE
+971 50 640 3288

Grass Valley Turbo and video timing

If you’ve had trouble timing a GVG Turbo hard disk recorder in an analog video system this might come as news to you, Grass Valley never implemented the timing functions with analog video.Yes, even though there is a menu for horizontal timing, these settings do not apply to the analog video coming down the DVI-I connector.  In order to time a Turbo with a switcher and other devices, you have to run the Turbo through a frame synchronizer or TBC. 

iTunes Replay update

At the request of a valued user, we’ve added a new function to iTunes Replay.  There is now an Edit In button.  This will allow you to set the playback start point of the selected track.  iTunes allows you to set these points in the options tab for each track.  You can now set this on the fly with iTunes Replay, and then, when you fire the track again, it will start from that spot.Head over to our library and download the latest version:

New toy!

If you’ve been using iTunes for music playback like I have, you’ve probably wished it would be more like an IR for playback.  Well, now it is!  In our Tech Library is an Applescript Studio application to drive your iTunes like an Instant Replay.  It is intuitive and easy to use.  A small, lightweight program, download and try iTunes Replay.

When in Rome …

Just finished a show at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  I cannot recommend highly enough the labor provider for our A/V techs.  We used All Access Support Group.  They have techs. who are members of IATSE Local 720 and they did a great job under some really tough circumstances.